L’édition 2023 fût incroyable !

Nous sommes ravis d’avoir rencontré nos distributeurs, fournisseurs et clients provenant du monde entier.

Ce fût aussi agréable d’échanger avec vous pendant les 2 conférences nke.

Session 1:
The WiMo multiparameter probe can embed four to seven smart sensors with automatic recognition that allow you to measure up to 20 parameters physicochemical parameters of the water. It can be used manually to record profiles or via a transmission module that allows a long-term monitoring.

Session 2:
Designed and manufactured by NKE, this new generation of autonomous data loggers allows a very high ease of use and maintenance thanks to its Wireless Web Embedded Interface, high-shock resilience, versatility, and rugged flash-memory storage. We will present you our new concentrator: WiHub, for fishing vessel application and environmental monitoring.

Rdv en 2025 !