“PROVOR CTS5 USEA profiling float” – on Thursday, July 2nd at 09:30 am CEST and 05:00 pm CEST


The WiSens underwater logger range: facts and updates

Learn the key elements and the basics about our underwater WiSens logger range as well as our latest product evolutions and innovations.

The use of the multiparameter WiMo sonde

Watch this replay to learn the key elements of the WiMo sonde and to know everything about the main functionalities of the sonde.

Specific ARGO float for biogeochemical applications

Our sales manager introduced our biogeochemical profiling float – the Provor CTS4 – which can embed the 6 core-BGC-Argo variables.

Sediment monitoring in bays and estuaries

The aim of our specific product – the ALTUS – is the monitoring of erosion and sediment deposit as well as water height and the evaluation of sediment volumes to dredge.

Cathodic protection need and corrosion monitoring

Our managing director presented our SCPC and SPCT products that are dedicated to determine the cathodic protection need and the corrosion monitoring.

New generation of profiling floats: the PROVOR CTS5

The specificity of this new biogeochemical float lies in its ability to embed extra sensors such as the UVP6 from Hydroptic in addition to the 6 core-BGC-Argo variables. 
One of its major improvements is the graphical user interface (GUI) for mission planning.